Cancer Chronicles 10: I am out of cancer jail

I am out of cancer jail. Thank you HaShem.

I am out of cancer jail. Now I am free to travel. No more surgery. No more weekly and sometimes daily doctor appointments, no more being in bed for days or weeks after chemo, no more radiation five days a week.

I am out of cancer jail. Thank you HaShem

I am celebrating my freedom. I just returned from visiting my children and grandchildren in New Jersey. How great to hug and kiss my grandchildren and children. How beautiful to sit at a Shabbat table with my family and to have a visit from Miriam whom I haven’t seen in months.

I am out of cancer jail and will continue my celebration this Thursday when I depart early in the morning for Hollywood, Florida to visit my close friend Esther and her husband, Rabbi Lustig and to attend the Balk wedding.

When I return to Cincinnati there will be a flurry of activity to take care of last minute problems, setting everything in gear for my business to work without my physical presence for three months, working on all that I need to complete so that the IRS will not be looking for me on my return, and gift shopping for some special children in Israel.

I am out of cancer jail. Thank you HaShem.

*HaShem, in Hebrew, means the name. This is the manner in which Orthodox Jews address their maker in order to show respect and not misuse his name.