Cancer Chronicles 4

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They gave us the results of the biopsy immediately. I don’t remember when I called my primary physician but she had recommended a doctor right across the hallway from where I had the biopsy.

We asked for copies of the reports and went to make an appointment. We were told that the doctor I wanted to see was no longer taking new patients but that her partner was. We were disappointed but took an appointment with her partner.

A few days later at the appointment, the doctor’s office told us that my insurance would not cover surgery by this doctor as she only operated out of the Jewish Hospital, and my insurance did not cover that hospital. I wanted to see her anyway. My experience has taught me to get at least two opinions before going under the knife.

The doctor also explained that she could not be my surgeon but we insisted that we wanted an evaluation. It was a good decision.

This physician blew us away with her professionalism.

She explained that she was a breast surgeon with a fellowship and that most surgeons were general surgeons and did not have a fellowship.

A thick three leaf binder appeared on her desk and she went through it page by page explaining the different types of breast cancer and circling the information that applied to tme. She answered every question without being patronizing.

Her nurse had taken my medical history and she told me that as an Ashkenazi Jew I should have genetic testing to determine whether or not I was positive for BRCA1. She also outlined what was in her opinion, the best course of treatment.

Dr. Hillary Shapiro Wright also set me at ease right away by explaining that I was in the second stage of cancer (early) and that my chances for a full recovery were 98%

IF I was positive for BRCA1 then she would advise me to have my ovaries and uterus removed.

Without the test results, she recommended that I first have chemo therapy. Usually chemo shrinks the lump and there is less to remove when it is time for surgery. Mick and I were less concerned about the breast lump and more worried about the lymph node involvement, which appeared to be minimal.

After the chemo she recommended surgery and then radiation.

Dr. Wright gave us recommendations for doctors for chemo and radiation and made appointments for some of the preliminary tests that she thought I should have.

Immediately after that appointment we made an appointment with a general surgeon who had years and years of experience doing breast surgery. 

to be continued

Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

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