Cancer Chronicles

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When I discovered I had breast cancer, I saw no reason to discuss it with anybody except my close family. My plan was to go through all the necessary medical procedures but other than that, I wanted to lead a normal life. However, the out pouring of concern and curiosity about the process by those that care about me and how I am enduring the process, has prompted me to write about the experience. Hopefully it will help others. Of course, one can go online and find beaucoup information on cancer and cancer treatments, but these entries will be more on how my trust in G-d, and my self- taught optimism keeps my spirits high and keeps me worry free.

I am not a model patient. If I am told to get a mammogram once a year, I wait two or three. Plus I do not have much faith in the medical system as I have been misdiagnosed many times. Years ago, a day before I was to have a hysterectomy I decided to get a second opinion. Didn’t need it; only some antibiotics. On another occasion when I was sure I had skin cancer I was told “no”, and I had to go to several doctors and insist on a scraping at which time I found out I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose.

When I do get a mammogram, they always tell me that my tissue is dense and they need more x-rays. They usually tell me to wait while they check the x-rays. This time they dismissed me. I had waited over three years to have this mammogram, much to the dismay of my physician.

A week after the mammogram I was on the road to New Jersey to visit my children and grandchildren. From there I flew to Israel (Naharyia) where my husband resides. While I was driving to NJ the X-ray Department called and instructed me to return for more x-rays. They found a troubling spot. I asked if this was the same spot they found last time. “No”, this is the right side; last time it was the left side.” I laughed and said, “Sure. I’ll be back in two months.” (Remember, I told you I am a rotten patient.) And then I forgot about it. I had a great visit with my family and an absolutely wonderful time in Israel meeting fascinating people, working on my memoir and doing the bookkeeping for my property management business. Also,  the gynecologist had performed a breast examination a month before the mammogram and I was told everything was good.

A week after my return, I remembered and made an appointment.

to be continued


Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

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