The Tired Purple Dragon, A Red Dog and The Unhappy Clown


Children have to make important decisions every day and their choices affect how they feel about themselves, their friendships and the formation of their character. In these three stories, the protagonists deal with a pesky sibling, stealing and poor self image.

“A Tired Purple Dragon”: Andy is fed up with his little brother Michael tagging along after him and his friends and decides to lose him. Hours later Michael cannot be found and Andy is being questioned by the police.

“A Red Dog”: Mr. Grotsky loses his wallet when a red dog rips off his pocket. Best friends Daniel and Nathan find the wallet containing $200 and now their friendship is endangered.
“The Unhappy Clown” is the story of Alex whose classmates call him clowny. An encounter with a very sick hospitalized boy teaches Alex that being a clown is a good thing.


ImageThe three stories are available on an ebook version of your choosing for $0.99.


Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

2 thoughts on “The Tired Purple Dragon, A Red Dog and The Unhappy Clown

  1. We are taking a long drive to visit with the younger set of grandchildren soon. If I download your stories on ebooks can I print the stories out and bring them to the children? They sound delightful.

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