Short Walk Yields Surprises and Treasures


I was rescued from biking today by a friend who wanted to walk. We walked a brisk hour and ten minutes to and in Shevei Zion, a moshav next door to Naharyia. It’s population is somewhere between 500 and 1000 people. It offers more than places much larger. Today, I will share photos of just one of the homes there that has beautiful cement sculpture and bicycle flower pots.

These works of art are whimsical, colorful and lifesized. They are incredibly original. The best part is it is just another home there and if you find it, it will be a happy accident.


Senorita3 copy

Senorita2 copy

Senorita4 copy

Senoritas1 copy

Senorita5 copy

If you like colorful art, and have children in your life, check out http://www.TurnipTimes.com for info on the book “Forty Days and Forty Nights, Rain, Rain, Rain”

Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

5 thoughts on “Short Walk Yields Surprises and Treasures

  1. Hi Joan, You photographed my neighbor’s house! Aren’t her sculptures a delight?!? I live in Shavei Zion…Thanks for stopping by on my blog! Diana Bletter, http://www.thebestchapter.com

  2. Wow..great blog..thanks for sharing

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