Bringing Glamour to the Bathroom


The concentration of bringing this lovely house back to life this week are the bathrooms.

The upstairs bathroom has been completely gutted. We have chosen a marblelized tile for the floor and a wall tile that has nine different, subtle designs in neutral colors. Crossing the fine line between wanting a really modern bathroom, but one in keeping with the turn of the century character of the house, choosing the bathtub was a big decision…and the verdict was a pedestal bathtub.



the vanity should go well with the tile floor:

Style Selections 24-1/2-in Java Windell Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Top

The biggest challenge is the bathroom we are building on the first floor in the space that was once a small porch. The previous owner boarded up the small porch and used the area for storage. Ugh.

This is what it looked like:

We got rid of the old windows, railings, etc. and enclosed the space.




This bathroom will be black and white, with the one brick wall. The black tile has a white border design. This sink will have long narrow block glass windows (8 inches times five feet)

24-in Rustic Oak Foley Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Top

and we are considering this shower:

Stay tuned to see two beautiful bathrooms –next week, we hope.

Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

3 thoughts on “Bringing Glamour to the Bathroom

  1. Is the last photo of how the bathroom looks like now or of how you want it to look? In any case it’s really nice.

    • the second floor bathroom is now a shell. The bathtub is sitting in the living room until the bathroom is tiled. The first floor bathroom is being built. Today they will put in the glass block windows.

  2. I look forward to seeing the next stage 🙂

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