Popcorn For Pennies

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Noticed how expensive and calorie ridden popcorn has become?

As a kid, I remember having a square popcorn popper with a long handle and standing at the stove moving our arm back and forth scraping the electric burner, to keep the popcorn from burning,

Now we have all kinds of flavored popcorn, drowning in butter or fake butter, These boxes, with six bags, usually run from $3.50 to over $5, while a bag of popcorn such as Jolly Time©  – two pounds worth – costs less than $2 and probably makes triple what you would get from the bags-in-the-box popcorn.

Want to get back to basics? Start by putting a small amount in a glass bowl and cover with a plate until you find exactly how much the bowl can hold. Everyone’s microwave is different but for me, three minutes is perfect.


Sprinkle a little salt and then spray with your favorite aerosol butter or oil. Surprisingly, the spray gives it a very buttery taste with the tinest bit of spraying. It’s time to munch.

You can use your imagination to put on whatever you want but you can also do it in a way that spares you the calories. Popcorn is great for fiber and should be a low calorie snack.

Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

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