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1 Can chick peas

1 Tablespoon (semi-heaping) tahina

1 Freshly squeezed lemon or 3 Tablespoons lemon juice

¼ Teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 Teaspoon cumin

3 Tablespoons olive oil

2 Medium cloves of garlic

1 Teaspoon salt

Sprinkling of zatar or paprika

Place all ingredients into food processor and blend until creamy. You may alter the measurements of the lemon juice, oil oil and tahina to suit your taste. Pour into serving dish. Put an indentation into the middle and add approximately two teaspoons of olive oil and sprinkle zatar or paprika over the oil.


#1        Add four sun dried tomatoes into the food processor before blending

#2        Add one half to a whole roasted red or green pepper (different color – different taste)

#3        After blending other ingredients add 1/3 cup of roasted pine nuts (roast at 350 degrees on a cookie sheet and watch – they burn easily). Then put into serving dish, make indentation, add oil, and put more roasted pine nuts on top.

Author: Turnip Times

Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes sad. But the truth is always the truth.

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